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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Yesterday was a day of emergence. A day of what the future could hold. It was a day of remembering what the past felt like and knowing that we were no longer there. But maybe more importantly it was a day of knowing that I… I am no longer there

No longer in the same mindsets. At least not all the same mindsets

Knowing that growth is real. Change is real. Who I am and where I find myself in the future will continue to change. It will continue to evolve

I’m seeing cracks in it all. But what if these cracks aren’t bad? What if they’re cracks that let the future break into the present? Moments when I see glimpses of who I am becoming. My former reactivity is lessened. I am more sure of who I can be in each moment. More sure of who I can be More free to be To live To love To know my goodness To celebrate it all

I’m even able to name my anger without fearing that they’ll leave me. I’m able to hold my own sense of dignity in relation to others because I am

Yet, yesterday is not erased today. It still affects how I exist. It speaks to my fears, my needs, my hopes for tomorrow

And I’m holding on to tomorrow. I’m holding onto the idea that I won’t be the same person I was yesterday or the day before, the week before, or the year before. I’m holding on to the hope The HOPE that today I can rest in my skin. Breathe a little deeper. And know that I am loved.

I am enough as I am Today for tomorrow has enough troubles of its own.

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