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Hi friends! My name is Lana June Hurst (she/her) and I am a listener, partner, writer, pastor, learner, mental health counselor-in-training, and more. I also happen to be trans. 


Expansive Faith is a space where I share reflections, sermons, and poems on faith and life with the intention of sparking our imagination with the hope that we can talk about, think about, and relate to the Sacred in a more expansive way.

This longing and dream of Expansive Faith comes from my own journey of faith from a narrow Christianity that was full of certainty and fear to an expansive spirituality shaped by Jesus, the Christian tradition, and modern day prophets who speak to the depths of our humanity. This journey continues to lead me to a faith that is imbued with radical love that seeks to know God in all people and places.

At the end of the day, I believe that that I am called to work within and collaborate with faith communities to work towards a more just world for all by cultivating authentic connection with self, neighbor, and God.

This work plays out in a number of ways:

  • Creating and facilitating dynamic community experiences

  • Preaching that speaks to our present realities

  • Compassionate pastoral care that acknowledges the complexity of each person and their situation and

  • Teaching that empowers us to see God at work in all people and all things.

Here's to building a better world together.

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